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2Tone Apparel

Necessity is the mother of innovation and no story better defines that than ours. Based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, by no means a mecca of the fashion world, we set out to Change the Game. The summer of 2009, we incorporated 2Tone Apparel and embarked on the research and development phase for the company. The winter of 2010, we released our Arizona State University licensed line of product. February 2011, we were awarded a design patent for our unique manufacturing concept. To duplicate our manufacturing concept without infringement, other companies will have to add extra steps in the manufacturing process to create a similar look. (Patent Application # 29/343,221). Just recently, we were recognized by the Apparel Magazine as one of the top 35 innovative companies in the U.S. And here we are 2Day!

We are changing the fan wear and sports apparel industry. From corporate offices, college courts and pro arenas to the youth fields of America, our design patented manufacturing concept incorporates team historic and patriotic 2-color schemes. With one color on the front and the other on the back, we combine fashion forward apparel that further distinguishes teams and organizations from the rest. This unique patented concept is created by implementing a seam that runs continuously from the neck to the end of the sleeve on both the left and right sides of the garment bringing together 2 different colors of the same material. Currently, we provide licensed collegiate and pro sports apparel, licensed corporate apparel and work with youth organizations nationwide. Our target market for our Fan Wear line is the 25-35 year old soccer mom. We offer a fashion forward line of ladies apparel that can be worn at a game, a social outing or at home hosting a Super Bowl party.

We are a brand, a near future house hold name. Not only will we claim a fair share of the Fan Wear market space but we are also going to make a major impact on the fashion world, as well. Whether in the Fan Wear market or the Fashion arena, our Hoodies (Fleece Collection) are the cornerstone product of the company. The hood along with the long sleeves, allow the 2Tone concept to really stand out.

We are more than just another apparel company, we are a breath of fresh air, we are a movement. Change Your Game!

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