Anna Shoes

DND Fashion, Inc.

“Whether it’s satisfying your shoe fetish in one of our designs at the workplace or feeling glamorous and sultry in our shoes at a party you can’t miss, our goal is to make each woman that wears ANNA feel confident and sexy.”

While others are scavenging the latest trend magazines for the “it” bad to carry or “must have” color of the season, our design team begins each season looking beyond it without losing sight of past trends. Making a statement in the fashion industry means being two steps ahead without stepping backwards. Consistency is one contribution DND Fashion Inc. strives to give its public, beyond the trends and away from the pretentiousness of the industry. Our team understands that with every season comes evolving trends, and every season, at least two more merge. As much as fashion changes, it simply stays the same. Marrying the two concepts is a difficult one, however not completely unattainable.

The DND Fashion brands have humble roots as a family owned business in the early 1980’s in downtown Los Angeles becoming one of the pioneers in the footwear business. Affectionately know as “ANNA Shoes” to its clientele base, It is one of the many importers that has been able to continuously bring forth fashion and affordability after decades of being in the industry. After almost three decades, our team has managed to hold on to its lead in the footwear industry even through this tumultuous economy, Being flexible as to venture out with innovative designs, without sacrificing the classic lines & luxurious comfort its clients have come to expect. Haute couture with high tech luxury. Anna Shoes is ostentatious, emphatically astonishing and unique. This is the essence of the new luxury, exceptional beauty ready to conquer the land of modernity.

Today, from humble beginnings to becoming one of the world’s largest footwear wholesalers, DND Fashion has grown into a multi-million dollar shoes designer, importer, manufacturer, and retail distribution business. Despite the company’s growth, our mission has not changed. DND Fashion is committed to bringing our clients innovative products, competitive pricing, and complete satisfaction.

In 2011, The DND team continues to fuse contemporary and sophisticated designs with nostalgic styles of the past. These are the refined, luxury lines of coordinates made to last. It’s the triumphant return of previous trends with current designs, all expressions of an eternal seduction, all for your footwear needs. | 626.444.2891 |