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Bacci, Inc. is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion specialty and novelty apparel manufacturer. Conducting a wholesale women's clothing business all over the world, Bacci has become known as a premier contemporary styled design house. Founded in 1986 as a manufacturer and 2 stores in Los Angeles, today Bacci conducts business with over 800 different stores worldwide. Bacci serves their customers through its partners in different countries/territories, online presence and their catalogs. As one of the premier wholesalers Bacci manages a B2B relationship with its customers, they had sold their retail stores to focus more on creating extravagant garments that sell through.

An essential aspect of fashion is that it is one of the most influential forms of art. That is because fashion is a direct projection of your personality and mood. Depending on the weather or occasion, you want your clothes to reflect how you feel in that moment. Bacci is here to help inspire you daily. We are one of the leading contemporary manufacturers of fashionable garments for over 25 years. Our clientele ranges from boutiques department stores, domestically and internationally. Bacci is located in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles.

With every new season that comes the opportunity to explore and expand a women’s style. No one knows this better than Bacci. For Bacci it’s all about effortless styles in each seasons campaign as the Bacci woman discovers bold prints for spring and beautiful knits for fall. Bacci designs clothing for the 6 seasons of the apparel year; Spring, Summer, Cruise Fall, Winter and Holiday seasons.

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