Bespoke Moda, Inc.

Bespoke Moda

Bespoke Moda, Inc. is a branch of Neo NYC, Inc. It's all about quality shirts design to perfection. There's nothing better than exceeding expectations. Our clothes are made of high quality textile. Detail matters. That's why we are sewing with extreme attention to details, from the choices of the fabrics to every little stitch and button on the clothes. We don't have control over the weather but we do have control over what we wear. Bespoke tailor all year long and distribute all over the world to offer exclusive and unique pieces each time. We produce small quantity of each styles so you can be sure you'll be unique and authentic in your own way. The term Bespoke is used to describe clothing that are custom-made to the desires of the customer. We make sure that the fabrics, features, and garments will fit and satisfy all tastes. Bespoke's dedicated team travels around the world in search of the finest fabrics. Unforgettable design will have you surprised at anytime. | 305.576.1442 |