Carole Wang Green Fashion, Inc.

Carole Wang Fashion

Carole Wang is a designer label with over 25 years of experience in the contemporary missy market. Carole Wang has proven in the past to provide the utmost style and elegance using Classic Velveen Knits, sold through specialty stores and major retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrum. Because of past health issues with her family and the abuse of our natural environment, there is nothing more important to Carole Wang than being able to look into the future and help preserve our earth for future generations. It is for this reason that Carole Wang has decided to go green by offering two all natural fiber lines – Carole Wang knits and Dragon by Carole Wang. For all Carole Wang Classic couture handloom knit customers, you can go green by replacing the traditional Velveen to 100% eco-friendly bamboo.

The first of its kind, Carole Wang will feature funky knitwear using a combination of both knits and fabrics made from Bamboo and other natural fibers. Dragon by Carole Wang will feature chic and elegant related separates using fabrics made from Bamboo and other all natural fibers. Both Carole Wang and Dragon by Carole Wang are crossover styles for the contemporary and updated missy market. Sizes range from Petite to 3XL and all pieces are made in the USA. Color combinations are what we feel best fit the styles, however you can choose to customize any piece to your own personal taste using any of the colors that we offer. Bamboo fabrics are luxurious, featherweight, natural and biodegradable, soft and silky in texture, and have an insulating effect, causing the wearer to be cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. Bamboo plants grow at a rate of 12-18 inches per day in spring times without the use of pesticides or herbicides causing fewer chemicals to enter our atmosphere. In addition to this, Bamboo has an anti-bacterial property that acts as a natural deodorant, resulting in garments that are naturally free from odors. For these reasons, Carole Wang and Dragon by Carole Wang are ideal for those who desire the utmost style, comfort, and peace of mind. Be one of the first to discover the beauty that comes with doing your part to save our earth. | 510.791.8608 |