Dido Group

Dido Group

Dido Group which has been serving for ready to wear sector was founded in 1983. In the year of 2000, Dido Group launched the AVVA brand which was created and licensed by itself. Having an assertive entrance to the fashion world by giving a new insight to man wearing, AVVA created a different fashion language for the men who loves wearing can express their soul with thanks to its young, sophisticated, up-to-date concept having a style in very short time. AVVA brand became one of the most important brands of Turkish textile sector with its genuine designs and sense of quality which introduce the world fashion to Turkey and the Turkish fashion to the world as well.

AVVA continues to meticulously create special collections for men who prefer to interpret fashion and world trends while demanding style and comfort in today’s fast paced life. All kinds of products that a man may need are included in the collections. Trousers, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, shoes, belts and accessories.

AVVA brand is one of the important brands in Turkish textile with its quality understanding and special designs that introduce Turkish fashion to the world and vice versa.

Today, AVVA has been a brand which has stores in Italy, Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, whose products are sold in more than 600 points in USA and is a registered brand nearly in 120 countries and its products has been sold in more than 2000 corners in all over the world.

Deciding to do investments for Turkey where the brand was born because of its reliability and commercial success in all over the world since the year of 2000 when AVVA was created, Dido Garment made AVVA a strong and well-known brand also in Turkey through both company and agency stores.

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