Dogen Shoes

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Dogen Shoes are made by a third generation, family owned factory founded in 1959. Dogen Shoes are wholly produced in Spain from the finest leathers and the noblest materials. Dogen aims to ensure that its shoes meet with the utmost criteria for elegance, comfort and quality, making our shoes an exceptional value for which our family saga is renowned worldwide.

Dogen’s factory was the first company in Spain to produce dress shoes under a traditional method called BOLOGNA or glove construction, a manufacturing technique, which allows the feet to be fully wrapped with leather, providing excellent comfort and flexibility.

Dogen employs a very unique method of manufacturing shoes called TOLOSA. The upper portion of the shoe is stitched to the first sole as in a regular stitched shoe (Blake stitch). Additionally, we add one more sole. Finally, the two soles are stitched one against the other on their outer part, making the shoe more reliable, durable and solid.

TOLOSA and BOLOGNA constructions can be combined, providing one of the most technically complete shoes, solid, comfortable and flexible.