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For the past quater century, Importex Footwear group has been the leading wholesaler of quality Men’s and Boys footwear. From our showroom and warehouses in the Historic Wynwood Arts District of Miami, we offer shoes ranging from dress to casuals in all genuine leather upper to leather lined only. Importex Group understands the critical ration between value and price, sourcing the highest quality materials while maintaining the competitive prices that our customers demand.

We Have successfully balanced the art of keeping costs affordable while continuously updating our classic, fashion and casual styles with the ever-evolving market trends. For this reason, Importex Group guarantees the superb condition of every shoe sold.

Men’s fashion is traditional yet dynamic. When new trends emerge, we ensure that our collections reflect the style. Our shoes are not only stylish, but their quality is also of the highest standards. Style and quality along with our competitive pricing, ensure that our products provide significant value. Our goal at Importex Footwear Corp., is to grow by helping you grow. We look forward to working with you in that objective.

Contact us and request that your order be paid via C.O.D. Capital.