Ditum Group, LLC

Ditum Group, LLC

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Ditum Group, a privately owned company, opened its operations in Chicago USA in 2006 and later moved to McAllen, Texas in 2009 with stocking warehouse facilities in Ft. Lauderdale, Pharr, Laredo- Texas, Belgium & Mexico. The company focuses in the following segments: Raw Material Trading with emphasis in North-South America and Asia , Medical and Wellness Retail Products with sales in North America, South America and Europe, Ecological products – World Wide and discovery of innovative unique retail products for our target markets, North-South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

Retail: Ditum Groups partners are strategically located in the US, Europe, Oceania, Latin America, Africa and Asia. By having a direct access to the retail market in North America and Europe the company is able to offer a quick market penetration and multiplication effect.

We offer the platform for products to be sold on TV in North America, Europe , retail, online retail and other distribution channels giving the manufacturer one company to talk to and providing maximum exposure of product and brand:

An example of our work: www.lavacare.us www.lavacare.ca www.eco-green-tabs.com

We have positioned ourselves in bringing to the marketplace high quality products that are both unique and refreshing.

Our extensive skills encompassing all aspects of Sourcing, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Distribution enables us to effectively develop a unique strategy for each product.

Our strong belief is in offering special and unique product lines and providing dedicated service to each of our product.

Lavacare is not an FDA-approved device, and intended solely for home therapy. Consult your physician if you have any questions as to the medical or health benefits of this device.