Maceoo was conceptualized over 10 years ago but didn’t come into fruition until 2006/2007. Although a young company, Maceoo has grown rapidly with it’s unique and stylish designs. The Maceoo headquarter is located in San Diego, CA with presence in over 15 cities & 5 continents spanning from USA, France, Dubai and as far south as South Africa.

Maceoo’s founder was inspired by his worldly experiences in cultural and social influences, and touched by the applied arts dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories. Together with his business partner/brother, who used to work for Galerie Lafayette in Paris, France – followed their passion in fashion and style decided to share their knowledge for the finer things in life by helping to reinvent the men’s dress shirt.

Maceoo is about talent, creativity, and making clothes an extension of your body to embody sensuality and sexiness in your way of living. The sophisticated and trendy designs bring a touch of class to those sporting the shirts. Maceoo has scoured the earth in search for the finest fabric to utilize in the collections (India, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, etc). Every design is a recollection of various destinations around the world that the Maceoo brothers have traveled to bringing you an abundance of striking images captured within the fabric selection of Maceoo. From the floral designs which remind you of Paris in the spring to the solid colors with a pop of a second color that represents the laid back nature of San Diego; Maceoo has something for everyone.

Maceoo shirts are a slim tailored cut to help accentuate the body but still allow for movement. It’s squared colored button matched with the intricate stitching is not an understatement but a form of artistic craftsmanship. Usually created with dual colors which falls along the seasonal style changes matched with it’s double collar for a sharp finish. The lapel, collar height, button layout and cuffs vary in style and color. Maceoo’s signature, is in the interior pipeline within the neckline along with a tasteful logo stitched on the back of the collar and/or underneath the front lapel.

Maceoo has been featured on many magazines and news station including: Riviera, Modern Luxury, Fine SD, Fox 5, Rancho Coast, Art Meets Fashion, and KUSI to name a few along with other website blogs and publications.

Maceoo’s direct translation means gift from the angel; so why not give the gift of style to your love ones?

“In a way, fashion is also an art. It inspires a lifestyle. It’s also a way to show people who we are or who we want to be. Be limitless and evoke more confidence in this avant-garde style by making it your own. Our clothing will inspire and invigorate your daily activities. So wear it, feel it, and transcend from the ordinary to the extraordinary.” | 972.342.8475 |