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23 years ago Matt invested $200 into Greek beads and leather from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  A few weeks later his life had a new beginning designing and selling jewelry off a blanket at Grateful Dead shows.  From Alpine valley and coast to coast he found people were loving the goods.  It started as fun, flirting and a fair amount of spare change for travel.  In 2003 he married me,  Shannon.  I had been importing from Mexico and managing a number of retail stores in New England.   Together we formed Monster Trendz in the autumn of 2007.  Now it is our world, it's what we do.  It's not a job, it's an adventure.

Monster Trendz focused on just that Monster Trends!  We aren't a general mix of nice products.  We're looking to bring you the big Trendz in youth products that sell through and turn your investment in specialty counter and floor space to profits.  We do that in two ways.  First to get you the right Trendz early, and next is to make it easy and quick to reorder the items selling through.  Get Monster Trendz and sell through all season.  Service with a smile and a thank you very much!  After 20 years in this business as owner of Ottoman's and Evolve,  I know that net profit for that square foot or two of space is what counts. That's what we strive to bring to you.

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