Navici, Inc.

Navici, Inc.

Keeping the viewpoint of our founder, Linda Segal, we use eclectic trims with gorgeous prints to create fun and sexy, yet wearable clothing for the modern woman. Linda Segal is fashion forward and figure flattering.....the best "date top" designer in the market!!!

Whether you're going for a Caribbean cruise or just looking for something chic for a night out, a Linda Segal top or dress is a no-brainer for a sensually chic look.

Linda Segal tops and dresses invoke resort elegance and luxury leisure. Embellished necklines are a hallmark of Linda Segal, often designed with built-in baubles like gold and enamel hardware or bejeweled necklines for a subtly affluent allure.

Asymmetrical silhouettes, keyhole detailing, twisting and draping create sensuous silhouettes, while Linda Segal lively prints and patterns reflect a tropical sensibility.

The looks of Linda Segal are designed to highlight and enhance the figure.

Wrap-front sheath dresses with enamel hardware detailing at the waist will look sleek and flattering on women with fuller busts and smaller hips, and will create curves on women with straighter figures.

One of Linda Segal's signature halters showcases the collarbones and necklines of women with defined shoulders, and enhances proportioned curves. | 213.236.9236 |