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Experience is what sets Paolo Vista apart when it come to men's clothing.

A native of Milano, Italy. Paolo Vista, the founder of L'Abbigliamento, began his career by working with the best tailors in Caraceni, Milano, known worldwide for serving the world's top dignitaries. He then traveled throughout the world as a production expert before moving to the United States in 1968. His 9,000 square foot distribution center is currently located at 55 Plaza Road in Lawrence, New York, now managed by his two sons, Paolo and Andrew, who have embraced their father's legacy and now bring the fashion industry the expertise their father left them with their own modern blend.

"The success of this business has always been to give the customer quality fitting and style," Paolo explains. "We pride ourselves on having the knowledge to fullfill those needs."

Paolo Vista utilizes his unique experience in all aspects of the business, thus giving him a distinct advantage. Using sound judgement, he selects the best materials from Biella, Italy, which are produced by top mills such as, (Reda, Luigi Botto, Tessilstrona, Tessitura di Quaregna, Lanificio Campore, and Vitale Barberis) and uses his factory to transform these materials into the quality shirts, pants, suits, sport jackets, ties, and sweaters that have become the trademark of Paolo Vista and L'Abbigliamento.

"We carry over 10,000 suits, shirts, pants, ties, etc., in stock so we can best accomodate our customers," Paolo reveals, "And I look for trends to see what's going to happen next, so I will always be ready to service the needs of my customers."