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Rogue Stand Up Paddle boards represents a new era in an ancient sport that has been brought to life once again.

We believe in a healthy lifestyle from which a balanced life can benefit through exercise, focus, determination, serenity, and peace. All of which the beautiful sport of Stand Up Paddle provides us.

Waterman and water woman alike, all of us here at Rogue share a passion and love for the ocean. We’re surfers, boaters, skimmers and divers. Canoer’s, sailors, paddlers and kiter’s, one thing is for sure, if it involves water, we want to be apart of it! Don’t be fooled, we’re not scared of a long day lounging on the beach either!

Everyday, we here at Rogue strive to produce the highest quality SUP products available at a competitive price to get you out on the water! We live it, we dream it and we love it! Get off your butt and get out on the water with a Rogue SUP! Our growing range of boards work in surf, flatwater, downwinders, river runs and every body of water in between.

Our mission is to support and promote the lifestyle and progression of Stand Up Paddling.

We strongly believe Stand Up Paddling can benefit everyone, everywhere, just as long as you have a body of water near. With that belief comes a dedication to offering everyone the same thing Stand Up Paddling has offered all of us here at Rogue. A healthy lifestyle and balance that pushes us to work harder, play harder and enjoy life.

We strive everyday to develop new and exciting products that make it easier for you to enjoy the wonderful sport of Stand Up Paddling.

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