St. Remo Studio, Inc.

St. Remo Studio, Inc.

St. Remo is a fashion wholesaler that was established in the early 1980’s. The company is the importer of the KO’S fashion line and it is taking solid and brave steps within its target market. Creativity, innovation and not compromising on quality are all principles adopted in every collection St. Remo represents.

The KO’S (Knock Outs) brand is designed by an in-house designing staff. They strive to focus on the needs of the young men in the major fashion centers of the world. Specifically, KO’S is targeted towards the young man who wants to be fashionable and unique. This young man lives a lifestyle of excitement and adventure and he has an appreciation for the best quality at an affordable price.

Slim silhouettes on European dance floors have clearly formed the inspiration for tapered, stretch-cotton shirts with embroidery details that enhance every movement of the body wearing it. Clean cut pieces and muscle t-shirts with printed icon figures blend with constructed linen, jacquard and velvet blazers to form the building blocks of the collection. The essential elements of a traditional man's wardrobe mixed with the eclectic and adventurous KO’S concept of the “new casual”.

Through out the seasons, KO’S has managed to extend the collection to all cultural latitudes. The line stretches from specialty boutiques that cater to a sophisticated and fashionable crowd to the chain stores that garner a more diverse customer base. The whole line can also be seen united on the same showroom floor in midtown Manhattan.

KO’S continues to provide satisfaction to a wide range of customers who believe that age is determined by lifestyle and the desire to be unique. There is no disputing the commercial success of the KO’S conviction that luxury has to have a shelf life beyond the whims of one season. Customers have the confidence that every visit will be full of unique and timeless pieces. | 212.268.0006 |