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Founder Bert Pulitzer grew up in Long Beach, NY, by the ocean and surrounded by the boating lifestyle. At the time, few options existed for outdoor clothing. The original idea for Survivalon in 1975 was born out of a recognized void in the outerwear market. In aspiring for a genuine article, light and dense, constructed with a natural and durable fiber, the Survivalon Jacket was born.

Survivalon cloth has recreated the legendary fabric originally designed for the Royal Air Force during World War II. When Royal Air Force planes were badly damaged during fighting over the European continent, pilots had to ditch the planes in the English Channel. The survival rate for pilots was 20% due to hyperthermia from the cold Channel waters. Fabric mill technicians were given the challenge to improve the life safety of these men. They designed an all-cotton cloth so tightly woven and with such high count double twist yarns, that when the yarns became wet and exposed to cold, the material would provide an even greater shield from the elements. The survival rate jumped to 80%. Hence Bert named his reproduction of the fabric 'SURVIVALON' which is now a registered trade name. The same fabric is used in the production of the jackets today.

Bert Pulitzer is known for his attention to detail and this jacket is spared no expense. The re-introduction of the Survivalon Jacket brings careful updates fit for the modern lifestyle. The all-cotton Survivalon can be water-proofed and re-proofed. It is naturally breathable. Over time, the cotton wears in softly, developing a patina, similar as would a pair of jeans. The jacket can move seamlessly from the urban jungle to the great outdoors, comfortable and appropriate in both. It is the ultimate one-of-a-kind jacket, meant to fit in to all of life's adventures, both now and for the adventures yet to come. When the original Survivalon Jacket was created in 1975, it was considered an immediate classic. The 'Duke', aka John Wayne, bought 5 of them from Gary's store in Marina Del Ray, CA. He had to special order a 52 to accommodate his size.