Unaluna, Inc.

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Unaluna's creators, Paola Lecointre and Irmgard Estelrrich were childhood friends. After attending Fashion School in Miami, they started Unaluna with the idea of creating timeless fashion forward silhouettes and the dream of being able to reach and dress every woman, no matter the shape and size.

Headquartered in the cosmopolitan city of Miami, Florida since 2003, Unaluna captures the spirit and charm of the sexy and versatile city. In 2006, Unaluna participated and won the Perrier Emerging Designers Competition. In 2009, Unaluna started a plus size and maternity collection with great success.

The signature prints created exclusively by Unaluna and the flawless construction and draping patterns empowers the woman's body and make Unaluna a trademark of sophistication and confidence.

Hollywood Celebrities such as Anne Lynn McCord, Alyssa Milano, Garcelle Beauvais among others have made Unaluna as one of their favorites in their closet.

The collection is designed and manufactured in Miami, Florida and every piece goes through a detailed quality control before being shipped.

Unaluna launches 5 collections a year: Fall - Winter - Holidays / Resort - Spring and Summer. Unaluna can be found in more than 900 Selected Upscale Boutiques throughout USA, Europe, the Middle East and many other locations around the world.