Zudor & Losadi

Z&L Europe, Corp.

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Z & L was founded in 1995 with the aim of reaching a market sector that was unattended and create your own style.

In these years we have been getting to meet our goal, the proof is the great growth and penetration achieved by our brand, though always careful to stay true to our principles.

The main items sold by Z & L are handbags, shoes and clothing designed by us, with which we have to differentiate from the rest and create a strong brand image.

Our design team is constantly traveling and visiting fairs in the world, which enables us to stay abreast of the latest news and a step ahead of our competitors.

The company is in a continuous process of expansion, which has led us to introduce us to the rest of Europe. Today we have a large portfolio of foreign clients and continue to expand year after year.

The last step we have taken has been introduce to the American market. We have already taken the first steps in the United States presenting our collection at the fair in New York in January 2011.