Retailer FAQ

1. Who does C.O.D. Capital approve for accounts?

C.O.D. Capital approves 100% of Customers (retailers/buyers) who apply for lines of credit.  The only requirements for approval are that the Customer has a store located within the 48 contiguous U.S., a U.S. bank account, and a completed Customer Account Registration Form.




2. How much are Customers approved for?

Customers are approved for amounts of credit on a case-by-case basis.  There are no maximum or minimum amounts that a Customer may be approved for.  Customers can use this revolving line of credit to purchase from any of our Registered Vendors.  Please Refer A Vendor if you do not see a company listed that you would like to purchase from.



3. How do you determine the amount a Customer is approved for?

C.O.D. Capital relies on a unique system of Underwriting for approving Customers for lines of credit.  This method includes a bank reference, a reference from the Vendor (wholesaler/manufacturer), the Customer's history with C.O.D. Capital, the length of time that the customer's company has been in business, and as well as additional criteria.



4. How much does it cost to register as a Customer?

There is no cost to register with C.O.D. Capital, and customers are under no obligation to utilize our services.



5. Does C.O.D. Capital approve international customers?

No. At this point in time, C.O.D. Capital only approves customers located within the 48 contiguous United States.



6. How long does it take for C.O.D. Capital to approve a Customer?

Upon receipt of a Customer's completed registration form, C.O.D. Capital will approve customers typically within 24 to 48 hours.



7. What fee is the customer charged?

The customer is charged 1.5% for their first 30 day check-hold term with C.O.D. Friendly. This 1.5% fee ensures that C.O.D. Capital will hold your check for 30 days from the date it is written before depositing it. This fee works out to $15 per $1,000 check amount per 30 day check hold.



8. What if a customer wants to extend their terms beyond 30 days?

Upon their registration, customers are provided login information for Once logged in, customers are able to monitor their checks and extend them for additional lengths of time up to an additional 30 days.



9. How are Customers’ orders shipped?

Orders are delivered as regular C.O.D. shipments.



10. Who should Customers make their checks payable to?

Customers make checks payable to the C.O.D. Capital c/o (Insert Your Vendor's Name Here).



11. When should I date my check?

Customers should date their checks the date it is written. Customers do not postdate their checks. The 1.5% C.O.D. Capital Service Fee included on the invoice ensures that the check(s) will be held for at least 30 days from the date it is written.